Who We Reach

Boys on bedWe reach university students at the places they live.

The rapid growth of private student housing has fostered elaborately designed on and off-campus housing managed by third party companies.

Owners and managers of student housing want to develop a sense of community at their properties – the more social and exciting, relevant and engaging the living experience at the property, the better for the property and it’s students.

College students – spend a tremendous amount of time around their college campus. It’s the primary hub, not only for academic activities, but also for social and recreational pursuits, making it an ideal environment for marketers looking to foster brand connections with young adult consumers making many brand decisions for the first time.


Students at a college.ECP reaches over 40,000 students at approximately 70 properties which serve a total student population exceeding 1.5 million students (see Properties & Schools for a complete list).

This highly diverse buying group of student Millennials are expected to represent 20% of the U.S. population by 2020; and, compared to the general population, are expected to have twice the buying power for food they eat at home.

Source: 2012 College Explorer Survey, powered by Crux Research.

Properties & Schools

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